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 Inspired by Culture.

                 Crafted with LOVE


Who we are

Isidro “Ernesto” Coste Roman is the culinary genius behind Coste Cuisine. Ernesto has amassed a wealth of culinary training and expertise from hands-on experience in the global restaurant and hospitality industry. Ernesto infuses international flavors and techniques in his dishes which are inspired by his culinary cooking experiences throughout the world including France, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Brazil and French Guyana…just to name a few.
Ernesto also has experience in the event planning space through his work with governmental entities, including the Dominican Embassy in Haiti…. the country where he met his wife and business partner,

Shawn Coste Roman.




Shawn, a “foodie” in her own right, adds her love of cooking, a touch of southern charm, and her business savvy to Ernesto’s culinary flair. Theirs is a love affair with food that began with childhood admiration of family cooks that later turned into a desire to emulate those treasured family dishes. Together, Ernesto and Shawn aim to feed the heart and comfort the soul by combining their love of travel and entertaining with preparing, sharing, and enjoying great food with those with whom they have the pleasure of breaking bread.

What we do

Our work begins and ends with one key ingredient: LOVE. We start with developing great recipes filled with the freshest herbs and international seasonings. We also take great care to select quality meats and seafood and dress them in creatively appetizing ways. We finish with beautiful plating and delight in the anticipation of your first bite.

This is the               Experience: Food for the Body, Fuel the Soul.

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